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Annabill Artist Productions
a Los Angeles-based production company
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Our greatest ocean is that of knowledge,

a force felt in our minds and hearts by a tide of turned pages.

~Jordan Charles


Annabill Artist Productions develops and seeks publication partnerships for its original literary works. Beyond writing our original screenplays for our filmmaking division, Annabill's owner Jordan Charles writes content on personal development that inspires growth in the arts. We recognize the significance that artists and their art can have in our communities and throughout our social landscape to inspire imagination, creative thought, and free thinking, and the content of our books seeks to help artists find their unique voice and expression towards their maximum potential and social impact. While we are not a publishing company, most of our original published content is devoted to the self-help and self-development space.

Annabill's employees are also strong supporters of community service and volunteering in the educational space, especially when those activities are devoted to the development and nurturing of the arts in various educational programs. Mr. Charles is particularly involved in several Screen Actors Guild Foundation programs that promote literacy and reading to inspire reluctant readers and learners. Our books have a mission to help change lives and inspire each reader, one page at a time.

Our Book Development Process

We work to develop and write literary content that serves the artist community and those outside of it looking for personal growth and development.  Our book topics are selected with care and cater to areas of suggested need.  The following graphic highlights our goal-oriented process:



Book Development

Ideas &

Intended Audiences

We develop books that aim to contribute to the self-development of artists and non-artists alike. We correspond with educators in various learning environments to determine areas ripe for continued knowledge and growth among readers.

Strong Storytelling

& Content

What sparks a mind? 

This is the fundamental concern in our book writing processes. Writing is a privilege, readership an endowed responsibility, and positive change the desired result.  Strong Story and content allow that machinery to unfold.

Bring Change To Inspired Minds

Books should change you, either as intended, or in ways unexpected. You should leave with an enriched spirit and greater knowledge to plot a stronger future course. Authorship belongs to the writer; and inspiration to the reader.

Our Book Publications

The Little Book For Big Dreams


by Jordan Charles

The Little Book For Big Dreams has unique insights on how to identify your skills and align them with commitment upon your goals. In an easy-to-read format, each chapter of The Little Book For Big Dreams provides lessons that inform the road to achieving successful dreams. For each lesson, there is a task-related approach to help you develop the mindset necessary for goal attainment, along with methods and insights to help inspire the necessary commitment upon what drives your ambitions.  This Little Book can change your life.

As an actor, writer, attorney, financial advisor, former NFL Contract Advisor, sports agent, and entrepreneur, author Jordan Charles has had uncommon experience in many career fields. His access to entrepreneurs, millionaires, public figures, entertainers, actors, athletes, legal and financial professionals, successful businesses, and his exposure to countless successful people both in advising and working with them, have revealed widespread lessons and realizations for success and growth and have informed his unique process of goal attainment.  


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